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Harvest Outreach Center

Harvest Outreach Center is a place where those who understand the blessings they have, come to serve those who are less fortunate.


Our desire is to remove the cycle of poverty for those individuals and families by developing a plan for recovery that caused their situation.


Get involved by volunteering or giving generously to the thousands of homeless families who are counting on someone for a meal, clothing, a job to support a family, rent assistance, or shelter from the cold.



Mission Statement & Services Provided to North Georgia


Harvest Outreach Center has been focused in the past. As a Rehabilitation Organization for Homeless families and individuals. This has been accomplished by Housing, feeding and job placement in the local Communities.


However, our emphasis and attention has been focused on an out cry of distress in Hunger, due to the excessive lay offs from the Job market. We have dealt with the Elderly, Shut-ins, displaced families, medically Indigent, and those that are working, but having a difficult time in making ends meet.


Our great focus is toward the specialized needs in surrounding Areas of immediate Hunger that faces so many today. There isn't enough money if just one in the family is working, children are not eating well with the common family. It takes every penny when you have small babies to exist.


Have you ever looked into the eyes of Hungry Children and watched them when a small amount of food was put before them? It will make your heart sing with delight to know you have helped that suffering to end.


Our feeding program is FREE to the public six days a week. Sundays are left open for the Churches.


All that is required is to walk-in, sign the register and go eat. We feed a Continental breakfast, Lunch and Dinner daily. At any given day of service we can feed 75 or Hundreds. Having a friend in this time of great needs is so imperative. As I have looked on these suffering issues for so long, Harvest Outreach wants to give hope where there is no hope.


Harvest Outreach is a standalone Christian Agency depending upon area Churches, Small Companies and Individuals like yourselves to help with this greatly needed work that serves so many.


Thank you in advance for your consideration in this matter, to Partnership with us to End Hunger.



If you wish to make a contribution, please make it to:

Harvest Outreach Center
P.O. Box 3396

Dalton, Georgia 30719



Monthly Donations Program

Donate / Contribute

Weekly, Monthly, Yearly

Make a Single Donation


The monthly donation program is for individuals and groups who donate to Harvest Outreach every month.


This Miracle Money for Harvest Outreach enables us to budget expenditures and plan programs to answer needs in the community.


Donors receive tax deductible statements along with updates on how their gifts have changed the lives of our neighbors in need.

There are two ways to give your donations.


1) For Fast, Easy, Safe and Secure Donations, just Click on Donate Button above to make a donation by credit card. You will be taken to a safe secure web page to enter your information.


2) Check or Money Order by mail. Make donation payable to:


Harvest Outreach Center

P.O. Box 3396

Dalton, Georgia 30719


Harvest Outreach Center always appreciates you and your contribution to provide for those less fortunate.


May God Richly Bless You!

Donate Food and Clothing, etc.

Individual & Groups


This program is designed for individuals and groups, Civic or other, that donate food, clothing and other perishable and non-perishable items to Harvest Outreach Center.


If you or your group will be planning a food, clothing or other drive, we will be happy to offer FREE Pickup of any items.


Call 706-280-0883


You may deliver to

Our Physical Address:


Harvest Outreach Center

207 East Morris Street

Dalton, Georgia 30721


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